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IERA Virtual Book Club: Discussing bullying issues through books virtually

IERA Virtual Book Club: Discussing bullying issues through books virtually

IERA or The Indonesian Extensive Reading Association held event #4th Virtual Book Club on June 4, 2022. This event is routinely held especially for ELESP USD students in the Book Report course in the second semester.

This year, the IERA gave a different color in its implementation. The lecturers, fathers, and also students who became the committee prepared this event very well. The preparations carried out such as books that will be the topic of discussion, selection of group leaders (GL), master of ceremony (MC), schedule, and rehearsal. In addition, participants who will join the virtual book club are also asked to prepare themselves by reading the book and making the ending story according to their creativity. Remarks by Mrs. Veronica Triprihatmini M.Hum., M.A as the head of the ELESP USD study program opened the event with 85 participants.

The book that is the subject of discussion this time is “Egghead” by Michael Lacey Freeman. The story in this book is very interesting because it contains a theme regarding “Bullying.” Where bullying is still a serious problem and very close to daily life, especially bullying that occurs in schools.

A Forum for Students

This Virtual Book Club, of course, can be a place for students to hone their creativity. Students are asked to create the ending of the story according to their imagination and language style. The results of his writing are shared in a padlet so that it can be a space for writing exercises for them. In addition, students are also free to express their opinions and experiences according to the topic of discussion. This of course, can help students to dare to have an opinion, increase self-confidence, and can also hone speaking skills because this discussion is full of English.

Increase Reading Motivation

Reading is a window to unlock new sciences. Especially being a student, of course, reading is a skill that cannot be spared to continue to be honed. Eitsss… what about those who don’t like to read? No need to worry, with this event, students have the opportunity to increase their reading motivation. IERA provides books or stories that are not so complicated and can also be adjusted to their reading level. So, for those who don’t like to read, you can start from a light story, and discuss it to further explore the content of the story.

Not only that, this Virtual Book Club also provides door prizes for those who have the opportunity to share in the main room which of course can increase their motivation. Isn’t it cool?

Voicing issues

It’s not just about reading a book. Virtual Book Club can also be a campaign to voice an issue. As in this topic, regarding bullying. We are becoming more aware and open because there are still many people who experience bullying. This can be our opportunity to prevent bullying and help those who are experiencing bullying, so that it does not happen again, especially in schools that are supposed to be safe spaces to get an education.

So, that’s the excitement in event #4th Virtual Book Club that IERA organized. If you also have fun when discussing books, please share it^^.