IERA - Indonesian Extensive Reading Association


what is IERA?

IERA is an ERF (Extensive Reading Foundation) affiliate. It is established in October 2016 with the help of Dr Willy Renandya while the MoU was signed by Dr Rob Waring and Dr. Ouda (Vice Rector SDU).

Our main purpose is to introduce the concept of English extensive reading and promote it to English teachers and students at schools

Who are the core members?

there are four core members of IERA. They are

  • Yuseva Ariyani Iswandari, S.Pd., M.Ed. – Sanata Dharma University
  • Christina Lhaksmita Anandari, Ed. M. – Sanata Dharma University
  • Lanoke Intan Paradita, S.S., M.Hum – UMY
  • Anita Kurniawati Hadiyanto, M.Hum – UKSW
  • Francisca M. Ivone, Ph. – UM

Who are the members?

We have some members actively participate in IERA activities. They are:

  • Thomas Wahyu Prabowo Mukti, S.Pd., M.Pd.
  • Daniel Ary Widyatama, S.Pd., M.Hum
  • Maria Johanes Restu S.Pd.
  • Siska Indriyani S.Pd.
  • Beda Bramantoko
  • Siska Indriyana
  • Eduardus Rangga Krisnadewara
  • Santa Monica, M.Pd.
  • Dionisia Stella, S.Pd.

Where is our headquarters?

It is located at Kampus 1 Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta.

How can I contact IERA?

You can check here to go to “Contact Us” menu

What are IERA’s activities?

We have regular events like IERA Book Club, Book Day, and ER Gathering. Other than that, we also collaborate with RELO and US Embassy to hold ER Roadshow.

You can check all of our activities here