IERA - Indonesian Extensive Reading Association


Here are some activities we have:

IERA Book Club

IERA has a brand new book day format and now we call it “Book Club”. We want those who are interested in reading to share their favorite books and discuss it. Here are some photographs of our activity:

Extensive Reading Workshop for MGMP English Teachers

MGMP English Teacher Association invited us to give training and some insights on teaching extensive reading. We gave them some ideas like story arrangement, using dice for discussion and some technology used in the class. Here are some photographs of our activity:

IERA x EEC Speaking Club: Ngabubu-Read

We got a chance to collaborate with EEC Speaking Club to tell what IERA is and also to give some participants knowledge of what ER is. We gave them some activities such as blackout poem making, reading graded books and playing dice. Here are some photographs of our activity:

IERA Roadshow

The workshop on Extensive Reading is finally over. We have visited some places such as Jakarta, Bandung, Jombang, Surabaya and Malang. Here are some photographs of our activity:  

The First Workshop: UMY

24 March 2019 – The workshop on Extensive Reading was finally started! We are so excited to share some activities done in this first workshop at Ruang Sidang, Gedung Pascasarjana UMY.

Press Conference on Extensive Reading Workshop 2019

23 March 2019 – We held another event: “Extensive Reading Workshop 2019”. It was started by holding the 
Press Conference on Extensive Reading Workshop 2019 in collaboration with RELO and ERF. This event was held at Ruang Kadarman, Gedung Pusat, Universitas Sanata Dharma. Here are some pictures taken on that event:

IERA Goes to Solo

20 March 2019 – We conducted again #IERAmembaca after some teachers in Focus Independent School were interested in our activities in Ganjuran. We had almost the same steps but this time, we focus on children stories and some facts. We wanted to help students be able to retell the story and at the same time, think critically. Here are some of our activities:

IERA goes to Ganjuran

10 February 2019 – With the tag #IERAmembaca, we conducted a reading event in HKTY Ganjuran Church. Around 60 children joined this event. They read Al Kitab stories in form of comic and they have to make mind map about the story they read. We also gave them some quizzes related to the story they read and some door-prize present for the participants. Here are the pictures:

Extensive Reading Session by Yuseva Ariyani Iswandari in Camp SOAR 3

This event was held by the Regional English Language Office (RELO), US Embassy in Nusa Dua Bali. It was held from 2-12 January 2019. 37 selected English teachers from around Indonesia and 3 teachers from East Timor joined this program.

ER Gathering

Iera Book Day 2018

Iera Book Day 2017


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