IERA - Indonesian Extensive Reading Association

IERA – ERF Book Lottery Winners from July 2018

The Extensive Reading Foundation are pleased to announce the WINNERS of the ERF Indonesian Book Lottery from the July 2018 Roadshow.

Attendees at any of the ER talks and workshops this July were eligible to win IDR 1,000,000 of books for their institution (not for personal use). Over 230 people applied from dozens of institutions all over Indonesia.

IDR 1,000000 of books will go to each of the following institutions …

PBI UMY, Jalan Lingkar Selatan
SMK Bina Dhirgantara
SMP Negeri 2 Salatiga
Christian University of Indonesia (UKI)
Universitas Surya

Congratulations to one and all!

1. The person the ERF will contact will be the most well-known to the ERF at the winning institution and may not have been the person who won the books for their school. We will contact this person to ensure a smooth and efficient expediting of these prizes, to get postal information and suchlike.
2. No negotiation of these prizes will be entered into and no further prizes will be offered.
3. The ERF declare that the winners were chosen in a fair and random way bearing in mind taking into account geographical distribution and responses that indicated that the books would be used effectively.
4. The ERF will source these books in Indonesia with the help of local staff and the books will be shipped as soon as possible. The award will be books less the cost of shipping.
5. Winners who accept these prizes do so under several conditions.  If these institutions do not agreed to the conditions, the prize will be awarded to another institution.  The conditions are as follows.

After being contacted, the winner(s) will write a short report to:

a) indicate what levels of books and the type of students they need and the ratio of such by levels so the ERF can purchase them.  (e.g. 30% beginner, 30% elementary, 40% Intermediate teenager learners)
b) state where the books will be stored and kept secure (e.g. put them in a library or some secure location to avoid loss of the books)
c) explain how the institution will use the books, in which classes and for which students
d) appoint a contact person for the ERF to negotiate with regarding delivery and follow-up

If the ERF is satisfied with the response, the books will be sent as soon as possible.

After the books have been received, the winning institutions further agree to:

e) write up a short report for the ERF website about the use of these books within 2-3 months of receipt of the books. The institution will send video or picture evidence of their use
f) display or show their ER classes to others (if they make a reasonable request) with these books in use
g) allow an ERF representative to see the library of books on our next visit to the institution